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end effect is

Nick W. - Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals

Paul G. - Bass/Backing Vocals

Justin W. - Drums/Percussion (webmaster)

the birth of end effect

end effect has only recently become end effect. We actually only became a band around late May, 2001. Since then, in a short span of time, we have come a long way in terms of song writing and style. We have changed our sound to be a bit more harsh than previously.

the founding members

end effect was essentially founded by the three current members, Nick, Paul, and myself (Justin).

What's kinda funny about it is that Nick and I were actually in a band together that some people may recognize. That band was Haze. Haze was a very recognized band in the Twinsburg area. We played many shows and had a decent size fan base. Since Haze broke up a while back, Nick and I moved on to find bassist Paul Gierlach. Paul had played in a band that some of you also might recognize, Horizon. Immediately, Paul fit in with everything that Nick and I threw at him. We knew we had found a winner.

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